Ag Water Use Data

The Agricultural Water Conservation Initiative was created to assist agricultural water users in quantifying water use, conserving existing water use through irrigation audits, and reducing dependence on ground water and surface water supplies through agricultural water catchments. Our ultimate goal is to assist agricultural water users in Georgia by conserving the state's ground water and surface water.  

We do this by helping producers to increase the uniformity and efficiency of their irrigation systems through our Mobile Irrigation Lab.

USGS Agricultural Metering in Georgia

GSWCC obtains and manages data on agricultural water use in Southwest Georgia to inform policy makers. Teaming up with the U.S. Geological Survey, GSWCC and USGS makes available an analysis of agricultural irrigation water rates in Georgia. View and download a copy of the USGS 'Agricultural Water Metering' brochure for a summary and statistics on the GSWCC Metering Program.

The USGS Georgia Water Science Center has made available "Water Resources Data for Georgia" annual reports. These reports compile all streamflow, groundwater, and water-quality data collected by the USGS throughout the State of Georgia. To access the interactive mapper function for Water Resources Data for Georgia go to this USGS link. This interactive map displays various USGS monitoring sites from which users may gather current and historical data. 

A summary of the Georgia Agricultural Water Conservation and Metering Program is available on the USGS website.

USGS WaterWatch Hydrograph Tool

This tool on the USGS WaterWatch site aids in the assessment of hydrologic drought. "Duration Hydrographs" can be accessed through the Drought Watch pull-down menu on the main WaterWatch page.


USGS Fact Sheet: Summary of Hydrologic Conditions in Georgia, 2011