Mobile Irrigation Lab

The Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission, in partnership with USDA-NRCS, offers a free irrigation system evaluation service to Georgia’s agricultural community. Efficient irrigation benefits both agricultural producers and the public by maximizing crop yields while improving water conservation.

Upon request from a grower, a GSWCC Mobile Irrigation Lab (MIL) technician visits the grower’s field to conduct a visual inspection and tests to evaluate the application uniformity of their system, sprinkler application rate, system pressure, and flow rate.

Once these data are collected and charted, the farmer will have knowledge of the flow, application rate and a scoring of the uniformity of their system.

The technician can recommend improvements that will improve the uniformity of crop yields and result in water savings.

Agricultural producers can schedule a MIL visit by contacting:

GSWCC Hooks Hanner Environmental Resource Center, Albany, Ga., at 229-995-6001

GSWCC Statesboro Office, Statesboro, Ga., at 912-681-5241

For a map of the counties serviced by each office and examples of a pre-test and post-test graph, see the Related Files below.