Region II Districts

Region II covers the following eight Soil and Water Conservation Districts and their respective counties:

BROAD rIVER SWCD - Banks, Elbert, Franklin, Hart, Madison, Oglethorpe, & Wilkes Counties

Columbia county SWcd - Columbia County

hall county SWCD - Hall County

lincoln County SWCD - Lincoln County

mcDuffie County SWCD - McDuffie County

Oconee River SWCD - Barrow, Clarke, Jackson, & Oconee Counties

Stephens COUNTY SWCD - Stephens County

UPPER CHATTAHOOCHEE RIVER SWCD - Dawson, Forsyth, Habersham, Lumpkin, & White Counties

The Districts, and supervisor positions, were created in 1937 by the Georgia legislature. The leaders involved were made state officials. (It should be pointed out that they are unpaid public servants and like it that way.)

It is important to restate -- the Districts were formed to provide a way that federal government technical assistance to Georgia citizens could be provided under local direction and priorities. This seems a lot more productive and realistic than trying to solve local soil erosion or flood prevention problems from Washington.

The 370 Supervisors (Georgia Association of Conservation District Supervisors - GACDS) are pleased that they made this program work in Georgia through the 40 Soil and Water Conservation Districts across the state. They work hand in hand with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Georgia State Soil and Water Conservation Commission, in trying to achieve one simple objective: To treat each acre of land in accordance with its needs and use each acre in accordance with capabilities.