Cogongrass Initiative

The Commission has joined with several other state and federal agencies to address issues with Cogongrass in the Georgia.

Cogongrass is an invasive weed species that entered the United States through Alabama ports and has slowly made its way into Georgia. The grass spreads through rhizomes and seed production, forming dense mats. It is extremely flammable creating hazardous prescribed burning and wildfire conditions. Cogongrass is difficult to eradicate once it has become established due to the tremendous root system that must be completely eliminated. This weed species suppresses and eliminates natural vegetation which reduces tree and plant regeneration, wildlife habitat, forage and ecological diversity. Cogongrass is the only warm season grass that produces cotton-like seeds in the spring.

Cogongrass has been found primarily in South Georgia but is able to grow throughout the state. Currently, there are 145 confirmed Cogongrass sites in Georgia in 21 counties in central, southeastern and southwestern parts of the State.

Download this pdf file. Cogongrass Spring Fact Sheet

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