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SmartIrrigation Cotton App

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SmartIrrigation Cotton App

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The SmartIrrigation Cotton App is an interactive ET-based soil water balance model. It uses meteorological data, soil parameters, crop growth stage, crop coefficients, measured rainfall, and irrigation applications to estimate root zone soil water deficits in terms of inches of water and percent of total. The App provides these two pieces of information to the user. The model does not deliver irrigation application recommendations. However, the user can utilize the root zone soil water deficit information to make appropriate irrigation decisions. The Cotton App provides notifications to the user when actions such as irrigation are needed.

The Cotton App was released April, 2014. Watch the tutorial to learn to use the Cotton App.

Irrigator Pro

Irrigator Pro is an irrigation management technology has demonstrated effectiveness in conserving water while increasing yields. It is an expert system designed to provide irrigation scheduling recommendations based on scientific data. Originally developed for peanuts, the success of Irrigator Pro for peanuts created interest from other groups and a collaborative effort between the USDA ARS National Peanut Research Laboratory, GA Cotton Commission, the University of Georgia, and the Peanut Foundation was established to create comparable models for cotton and corn.

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