Agricultural Program Announcements


The COMET-Farm™ tool enables farmers and ranchers to estimate carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions related to annual crop production, livestock and on-farm energy use. It provides a convenient yet rigorous way to evaluate the benefits of various conservation practices in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A short video that gives an introduction to the COMET-Farm™ tool is here.

Cogongrass Detection



Cogongrass is an invasive weed that reduces forest productivity, destroys wildlife habitat and displaces native flora and fauna. Landowners are encouraged to spend time on their property searching for this invasive grass. Normally, cogongrass grows in circular patches. Identification brochures are available at your local Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) county office. Personnel from your local GFC office can make a positive identification on reported cogongrass finds.

USDA Microloans available for Conservation Projects

The USDA has launched a new microloan program administered through the Farm Service Agency Operating Loan Program. Small and family farms, beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers may secure loans up to a maximum of $35,000 for initial start-up and annual expenses that include irrigation needs and other farm improvement projects. Producers interested in applying for a microloan may contact their local Farm Service Agency office