• How can I represent my county as a District Supervisor in my local Soil and Water Conservation District?

    You may become a District Supervisor either by being elected or appointed to a district board. The next election of District Supervisors will be held as part of the Georgia General Election in November 2024. Information on becoming either an appointed or elected District Supervisor can be found at https://gaswcc.georgia.gov/soil-water-conservation-districts/how-do-i-become-swcd-supervisor, emailing [email protected], or by calling the GSWCC at 706-552-4470.

  • What is a local work group and how can I be involved in one?

    Local Work Groups provide recommendations to the USDA District Conservationist and the State Conservationist on local natural resource priorities and criteria for conservation activities and programs. Membership aims to be diverse and focus on agricultural interests and natural resource issues existing in the local community. Local Soil and Water Conservation Districts are actively involved in local work groups, so being a District Supervisor is one way to give you a greater voice in setting natural resource priorities in your local area. You can learn more at https://gaswcc.georgia.gov/soil-water-conservation-districts/how-do-i-become-swcd-supervisor and at http://gaswcc.georgia.gov/how-do-i-get-involved-local-working-group.

  • Are Best Management Practice (BMP) details available in an electronic format?

    BMP details for land disturbing activities are available for download on the Design and Field Manuals page. Agricultural BMPs are outlined in the Ag BMP Manual.

  • My certification card has been lost or stolen, how do I obtain a new one?

    Send an email or fax a written request with your name, date of birth, last four digits of the social, and the address. 

  • Are there special cost share funds available in my area?

    Contact Nate Carr for cost share fund information. 

  • How do I obtain a copy of the Design Manual (Green Book)?

    The Design Manual is available for download on the Design and Field Manuals page.

  • Are all agricultural activities exempt from the NPDES Permit for Construction Activity?

    Agricultural activities are exempt from permitting. However, the construction of new farm buildings is not exempt and falls under NPDES Permitting requirements.