Georgia Envirothon



Congratulations to the Vantage Point Education High School Environthon Team 2018; 10th place at the National Envirothon Competition in Idaho.

High school teams from all over the US, Canada and China, gathered at Idaho State University to compete in the National Conservation Foundation Envirothon competition. The host state, Idaho, did a phenomenal job in providing a top-notch competition that challenged the teams to step up their game!  

The first "National Envirothon" took place in 1988 in Pennsylvania and has continued annually to provide hands-on environmental and natural resource management education to high school students all over North America and China.  Participants are empowered to think critically and practically about achieving and maintaining a natural balance between the quality of life and the environment.  This year, the current event topic was Western Rangeland Management: Balancing Diverse Views.  Idaho provided an amazing environment to immerse competitors in the challenges federal, state and private entities deal with daily when managing rangelands in local communities and for multiple uses.  

Having placed 10th out of 50 teams, the GA State Envirothon 2018 winners from Vantage Point did an excellent job in representing our state at the North American level.  Team members Emma Alexander, Joan Deitsch, John Deitsch, Nadya Gutierrez, and Brandon Waterfill, worked hard throughout the summer to learn more about management practices out west and it paid off!

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