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GSWCC Map of EPD Approved 2012 Impaired Streams list

Online Assistance and Instructional Guide


Other Georgia Agency Maps

Links to maps available from U.S. government agencies


A one-stop GIS web tool for Georgia is available free and online from the Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission. The interactive GIS allows public drill-down functionality to display information of interest, as well as advanced selection features that allow interactive information retrieval for engineers and others needed technical information on the state’s water resources.

Maps can be created and localized showing:

  • Political Boundaries
  • Potential Water Supply Reservoirs
  • Active EPD Permits
  • Watershed Dams
  • Impaired Streams
  • Partners for Wildlife Locations
  • Mobile Irrigation Lab
  • Ag Water Metering Program
  • Ponds Program
  • Drainage Basins (HUCs)


GSWCC 2012 list of EPD-approved impaired streams can be seen here

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Online assistance.

Instructional Guide to Interactive Mapping

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Examples of what is available using the online GIS Mapping Tool

Example of scale achievable using GIS

Example of dam locator using GIS

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Other Georgia Agency Maps

Conservation Status Assessment Maps


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Links to maps available from U.S. government agencies

Current U.S. Drought Monitor

Current U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook

Soil Moisture

Annual Water Data Report Mapper from USGS

Maps, Imagery and Publications available from USGS

US Army Corps of Engineers Inventory of Dams for Georgia

Atlas of Rural and Small-Town America (USDA-ERS)

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