District supervisor elections are non-partisan. Information for candidates on qualifications and disqualifications for holding elective office in Georgia is available from the Georgia Secretary of State.

If your county appears in the list of counties scheduled to hold an election for district supervisor and you are interested in becoming a candidate for a district supervisor position, we encourage you to complete the following steps.

  • Obtain a Petition

    Obtain a petition to run for office from your local district office or the GSWCC website ( Download this pdf file. download and print a petition here )

  • Collect Signatures

    Collect 25 signatures from qualified registered voters in your county.

  • Turn in the Completed Petition

    Turn in a completed petition to your local elections officials.

  • Petition Approval

    If your petition is approved, your name will appear on the November ballot.

  • Vote Count

    The candidate with the highest number of votes will be declared the new district supervisor.

  • Issuing the Oath of Office

    A GSWCC Regional Representative will issue an 'Oath of Office' to the elected supervisor.