Subcontractor Awareness Seminar

The Subcontractor Awareness Seminar is a two hour seminar with no exam that is designed to give individuals working in a subcontractor capacity an overview of:


  • Erosion and sedimentation

  • The impacts erosion and sedimentation have on the environment

  • Best Management Practices (BMPS) both vegetative and structural

  • Laws governing erosion and sedimentation


The Subcontractor Awareness seminar is required for individuals involved in land disturbing activities working in a subcontractor capacity under a primary, secondary or tertiary permittee.   It is important to note that a subcontractor certification does NOT qualify an individual to perform the duties of a "qualified" or "certified person/personnel.  If you are performing such duties, a Level IA certification is required.

Individuals working in a subcontractor capacity have until December 31, 2007 to obtain subcontractor certification. 

Upcoming Subcontractor Awareness Seminar training dates
*You will be required to present a government issued photo ID to the instructor when submitting your application.

 Subcontractor Awareness Seminar Attendees include but not limited to:

  • Grading personnel, as well as grading and earthmoving equipment operators

  • Irrigation system personnel (residence, commercial and industrial sites)

  • Landscape personnel

  • Utility personnel (excludes entities regulated by the PSC or FERC, and other entities listed in O.C.G.A. 12-7-17(10), if within a Common Development

  • Wastewater personnel installing on-site systems (includes septic tank excavation and drain fields)

  • Well drilling personnel (includes directional boring equipment operators)

  • Plumbers and electricians (will require certification if conducting a land disturbing activity within a permitted project site).

  • Best management practice installation personnel Other personnel involved in land disturbing activities acting as a contractor or subcontractor

What if I already attended a Level IA Fundamentals Seminar?

If you are working in a subcontractor capacity and possess a Level IA certification you are not required to take the Subcontractor Awareness Seminar.

If you are working in a subcontractor capacity and have attended a Level IA course but do not possess a Level IA certification, you will not be required to take the Subcontractor Awareness Seminar. However, you must complete a Subcontractor Awareness application and submit that along with a Proof of Attendance form to receive a Subcontractor card.  

Download this pdf file. Subcontractor Awareness Application (PDF)

Subcontractor Awareness Seminar Presentation (PPT)